Architectures of intimacy

29 October 2022
27 November 2022


kerstallery Amsterdam


29 October 2022
27 November 2022


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Architectures of Intimacy presents the works of Scott Anderson (USA), Jeroen Cremers (NL), Darius Dolatyari-Dolatdoust (FR), Robert Fry (UK) and Matías Salgado (ARG). 

Architectures of Intimacy brings together a diverse group of artists whose works deal with identity, tension and movement. Oscillating between figuration and abstraction, these artists share their deep histories as they migrate between different kinds of sensitivities. Their forms of creation reflect their introspective approach and very human dialogues; resulting in complex compositions and playful palettes. 

Popular narratives meet intimate desires in a visual language that underlines the universal character of contemporary art. Anthropomorphised objects, acts of love, biblical figures and domestic scenes build a colourful intricacy. 

These artists work on painting, textile, sculpture and paper in a manner that constitutes their concerns and forwards their becomings. The architectural concept of this exhibition is owed to the shapes, connections and perspectives that we find in the works. These speak of an intimacy that transcends individual dwellings to reach into collective imaginariums. Architectures of Intimacy brings to life a myriad of elements and creates an amalgam of human sensation. 

Mercedes Abella

Amsterdam 2022


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