De Pont – Marc Mulders

Selected works by Marc Mulders from De Pont’s collection will be presented in connection with the publication ofMarc Mulders, works 1980 – 2020which includes the essay by Anneke van Wolfswinkel Hortus Deliciarum, een tuin van genoegen (‘Hortus Deliciarum, agarden of delights’)

The book tells us, for the first time, the story of Mulders’s development as an artist over a period of nearly forty years. Weaving through this is a single thread, an important source of inspiration for Mulders: the garden as a place of benevolence. His current studio is a farm building surrounded by fields of wild flowers, ‘my private Giverny’ as he calls it, referring to the famous garden of Claude Monet.

In his paintings, which have become increasingly abstract over the years, Mulders observes the course of nature in his surroundings: ‘In spring and summer I breathe in the smells. In the autumn I paint with the echo of that floral beauty in mind. And in the winter I’m driven by a longing for the new flowers that will sprout up in my pasture.’ De Pont has followed the development of this Tilburg artist since his early days, acquiring works by him over the past three decades. Now more than thirty of his works from various periods are part of the collection. For this exhibition a selection of these is being presented.