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Tirzo Martha (Curaçao, 1965) is a multifaceted artist. In addition to installations, he makes sculptures, videos, and regularly performs as a performance artist. Although his presentations can vary greatly in appearance, his social and political involvement and the way in which he knows how to involve his audience directly or indirectly in the creative process of creation are the common threads in his works. The titles of the installations are surprising, sometimes cryptic, and at first sight show little coherence. Sometimes they resemble an objective description or a sober observation, in other cases they refer to his native island of Curacao, but usually they float in a no man’s land somewhere between dream, reality and fantasy. Interpreting Martha’s work is a perilous undertaking. He often refers to themes related to the functioning of our current society, which means that the work has several constants. However, his work is not open to one explanation. Therefore the work consists of not only one truth, but rather of several personal reflections of people on the artist’s work. He uses elements from his native island of Curacao, but is not an artist from Curaçao. His imagery is universal and his “message” is not pedantic. Everyone will have to give it their own twist, depending on his or her standards, experiences and values.

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Born in willemstad

16 juni, 1965

Avg. Art Direction

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