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Lotte Wieringa is interested in the ways we perceive and describe reality. The visual imagery that emerges in her painting practice comes from contexts ranging from quantum physics to indigenous wisdoms. Exploring the edge between the seen and unseen, she seeks a space where spoken language stops and alternative narratives of understanding can emerge. Music and sound especially play an important role; initiating transcendental experience. She says of her process: Drums and rhythms are associated with rebellion, revolution and change. Also, everything in nature is connected to a rhythm: our heartbeat, our breath, the rhythm of sun and moon, seeding and harvest. During making I feel like a Shaman doing magic, whispering spells, moving through the room, dancing, painting and connecting with the rhythms given to me by the music I listen to. Noting that perceptions of reality change throughout different times and cultures, Lotte queries the many forms ‘realityʼ can take. She is fascinated by the abstract elements of life and how we might awaken a deeper sense of sensory awareness and interconnectedness with each other.

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