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Multimedia artist Anna Ehrenstein uses Tools for Conviviality to challenge the utopian idea of digital technologies as a neutral tool: smartphones, social media, the internet, and virtual reality today promise a multicultural communal life that goes beyond national borders. But do digital technologies really have the power to change the way we design our lives? And what are the traditional resources that facilitate human togetherness? The project, which consists of a 360° video and sculptural photographs, tackles the socio-cultural consequences of digitisation in a global context. Developed in Senegal, it centres on collective research with local creatives that migrated to Dakar in order to contribute to its vivid cultural landscape and replaces the documentary view from the outside. Tools for Conviviality was developed in collaboration with Saliou Ba, Donkafele, Nyamwathi Gichau, Lydia Likibi, and Awa Seck and received the C/O Berlin Talent Award 2020.

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