3 September 2022
22 October 2022



3 September 2022
22 October 2022


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                                         MARC MULDERS 

                            HUNT FOR PARADISE 2020 – 2022

                            KERSGALLERY  03 09.22 – 22-10 – 2022

The exhibition shows major works from the summer 2020 to the summer of 2022. Paintings painted on the basis of an environmental crime behind the studio of Marc Mulders, on the Baest estate in the summer of 2020, such as ‘HUNT FOR PARADISE’, ‘DARK WATERS’ and ‘ THE FOUR HORSEMAN’ and ‘NOCTURNE’.
In addition, there are the light paintings, which do not bear ‘activist titles’ but nature names such as ‘GARDEN SCENE ( PERSIAN)’ and ‘A GARDEN CARPET’ and ‘THE WALLED GARDEN’ and ‘GARDEN FOUNTAIN (Persian).


My paintings with pastel colors and orderly compositions were visited by ‘intruders’ in the summer of 2020; dark exotics appeared among the soft colors. I sent for them, the Zeitgeist brought them into the studio.
I call them ‘Intruders’, as I also experienced the environmental offense of illegally dumped dirty land, behind my studio, in the woods on the Baest estate. This incident had a big impact on me, as the forest adjacent to my ‘My own private Giverny’ habitat, where I get all the inspiration to paint generous floral paintings, was suddenly scratched.
Subsequently, these paintings were given the title ‘Hunt For Paradise’, which I wore, and more paintings followed with black, whimsical figures floating over pastel-colored fields; THE FOUR HORSEMAN and DARK WATERS.
In addition, there are paintings on display in this exhibition, without ‘activist titles but with nature synonyms about a (paradise) garden.



Marc Mulders