Kersgallery will be hosting a virtual benefit auction featuring the works of current and former participants of Rijksakademie, De Ateliers, and beyond. This group of artists have come together to support current De Ateliers participant Andra Nadirshah (PHILTH HAUS) and her fundraiser for her facial feminization surgery, a series of gender-affirming operations which help to necessarily affirm the femininity of some transgender women such as herself. 

It is crucial that we support the gender-affirming and life saving medical needs specific to trans-feminine individuals such as Andra. This surgery, for her, is the difference between living a life in the body she was meant to have as opposed to the one with which she was born. 

The starting bid value of the works is lower than the commercial value many of these works would typically sell for in order to ensure that most of, if not all, of the work is sold and donated to Andra’s surgery fund. 

Bidding will occur via Works may be viewed by appointment at the Kersgallery space at Lindegracht 148, 1015 KK Amsterdam from March 12-28th.