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METTE STERRE Lives and works in Amsterdam Let me recuperate The dance isn’t always the beginning The drive is never the winning Mette Sterre’s creations escape fixed definitions. They exist in the in-between-spaces where our brain fills in the blind spots, the twilight zones; exceeding performance, installation and body masks. Diving into soft robotics, patterns as captured narratives of time and somatic disruptive experiences, we are cast into the materialisation of her mind processes. She explores spectra of physical, mental, emotional and social aspects through the altering of the body; the visual container of the individual that the innermost self can manifest itself to the other. The altering of the perception of the body in relationship to space, alters our relation to the other and the self. She therefore research from a phenomenological perspective speculative fictions, enquiring what else we could be beyond humans through technology, haptics, tactility and somatic experiences. She makes sculptural body masks that are brought to life through performance, installations and film.

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Born in Netherlands

multi media

Avg. Art Direction

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12 May 2022
19 June 2022