Angels egg

In a time where the art world, the artist, the curator, and the gallery owner are confronted with the challenging dynamics of the global stage, Lotte Wieringa offers a glimmer of hope and inspiration with her works ‘Angel’s Egg’ and ‘A baby Angels egg’. These titles, carrying the promise of unknown realms and colors, suggest solutions and perspectives yet to be discovered. Inspired by this vision, Kersgallery brings together five artists, each adding a new line to this poetic narrative with their unique voice and vision, initiating a versatile and profound conversation about possibilities and renewal.

Marc Mulders presents his latest paintings, crafted on the threshold between darkness and light.
Lotte Wieringa, whose original titles inspired the exhibition, explores in her paintings the delicate moment of creation, from which infinite possibilities and new worlds are born.
Sam Hersbach delves into the human psyche and the complexity of our inner worlds in his contribution, inviting the viewer to look beyond the surface and discover the deeper layers of change and transformation.
Brigitte Louter offers a critical perspective on social constructs and identities, challenging us to reconsider existing paradigms and open space for new stories and solutions.
Ema Vaneková adds an ethereal and mystical quality, suggesting that answers and inspiration can be found in the realm of dreams and the unseen worlds that surround us.
The exhibition “Angel’s Egg” will be on display from May 30, 2024, to July 7, 2024.